Clare with SmoshSeveral years ago, our daughter Clare discovered YouTube videos. She loved watching them and sharing them with my husband and me.  At about the same time, she began to ask to go to California to attend VidCon, a convention that was being held in Anaheim, that was about making videos. There were also opportunities for fans to meet their favorite YouTube personalities in the same place. “Oh, Mom; it would be so much fun!” Secretly, I thought so, too, but I couldn’t let her know that. Instead, I challenged her to come up with a budget for the trip, thinking that seeing the cost would dissuade her. No such luck; I had to raise the stakes.  If she could raise the money for her half of the trip, we would go. I have never seen a child move so quickly to make money!

So, yes, we went.  Clare was able to meet her absolute favorite duo Smosh.  (If you are not familiar with them, look at the picture above.  That’s Clare with Smosh.) And then there was the show floor where teenagers were able to see and buy almost any kind of video gadgets that you could imagine.  Among all of the booths, there were two companies that caught my eye.  Both operated under the same principle:  sign up for their products for a defined time period and each month a “mystery” box would be delivered to your home.  Frankly for some time after that show, I wasn’t able to get that business model out of my mind. Then Clare came up with the inspiration for our product line.

At age three, Clare came home from preschool and announced that she “had wanted to be a skater her Clare Ice Skatingentire life.”  At age five, we took a brief side step into Tai Kwon Do for a couple of years before she began to miss skating and asked to return to lessons. Now she skates a minimum of 5 days each week between group lessons, private lessons for moves in the field and dance as well as being part of a synchronized skating team.

The marriage of this interesting business model and Clare’s love of skating was a natural fit for our family.  Over time, you told us that you preferred to choose your own skaters’ gifts and necessities.  For this reason, we’ve retired our original TwizzlePak gift option and broadened the number of shopping choices for you.  We’ll continue to research the latest and greatest for you, so check back here often.

Best wishes,